Application Process

So you are thinking of joining Camp Vietnam & Cambodia for the summer of a lifetime…

Step 1 – Apply

Head over to our apply page to get started.

Step 2 – Application review

Our team will review your application to ensure you are the right fit for the programme and get back to you within 24 hours.

Over 95% of all applications are accepted so keep your fingers crossed!

Step 3 – Securing your place

If you are lucky enough to be accepted, you will have 48 hours to secure your place with a deposit or full payment.

Limited spots are available so be sure to be super speedy, otherwise, you might just miss out.

Day 4 – Place Secured

After you have paid your initial deposit your spot is secured!

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after booking with access to a customer portal, here you will be able to access all your trip information.

Step 5 – Trip Updates

Every few weeks up until your departure you will receive important information and updates through email. These will contain document information, add-on tours, payment reminders and just general information that might be handy for your trip.

Step 6 – Final Bookings/payments

8 weeks before you depart to Camp this is when all of your payments must be completed.

Step 8 – Pre Departure

Around 4 weeks before you depart you will receive all your final trip information and you’ll be added to a group chat.

Step 10 – Departure Day

Yayyyyyyyyyy today is the day, you will finally get to depart to Camp and embark on a journey you will never forget!

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