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Camp Castaway Philippines

Looking for paradise? Here it is…

Voted the WORLD’S Best Island 3 years running, Palawan is now the home of Camp Castaway Philippines. 

Known for being an untouched paradise, this really is an adventurers playground!

This ultimate Camp experience takes you to Cebu and Palawan, exploring some of the best places the Philippines has to offer.

For part of your trip you’ll stay on a “The Island” in the North East Palawan, near El Nido. Accessible only by boat, you’ll stay in camping style accommodation, with your very own private beach. Surrounded by palm trees, white sand, clear blue water, coral reefs and fish, this really is your own mini private paradise.

With coral reefs right opposite the beach, hammocks, a sunken boat shipwreck, kayaking, the wonders of the ocean are there to explore at your leisure!

If that’s not enough, when back on the mainland in Palawan and Cebu, we visit waterfalls and one of the New Seven Wonders of The World, Sabang Underground River. Get stuck into Island Hopping, kayaking and make a difference to local communities while helping with coral restoration.

If you’re looking to get off the tourist trail, visit untouched beaches and waterfalls and even stay on your own remote island with private beach, surrounded by coral reef, this is your chance!

Sound too good to be true? Take a look for yourself…

Camp Thailand

Why not apply for Camp Thailand?

To put it simply, Camp Thailand is incredible. We are determined to offer the very best deal on life-changing summer camp experiences in Thailand.

Created by the award winning AmeriCamp team, you know that you will have an incredible time with plenty of #FreeBiscuits to boot! With each of our team holding both travel and Thailand close to our hearts, we know what’s important to each one of our applicants, and as a result, we are there for each and every applicant, each step of the way.

Whether you have previous experience or not, Camp Thailand’s project is guaranteed to leave you with memories for life and a place in your heart for the people of Thailand forever! We have truly combined the very best that Thailand has to offer.

So what will you be doing at Camp Thailand?

You will teach English as a foreign language to local children and help run sporting and cultural activities. You will even help out in the Elephant Conservation Village, feeding and bathing elephants in the nearby river. The work you do will truly make difference and that, after all, is what life should be all about.

Oh, and how could we forget… why not try your hand at Muay Thai Boxing? Try raft building, kayaking and other water activities in the nearby lake, all of which are on offer at Camp Thailand! In your time off, enjoy our weekly bonfire BBQ with all your newly made friends and party in the local areas.

Camp Thailand has lots of activities crammed into this four-week summer experience.
So if you’re looking for the ultimate one month experience, this is it! With the last intake starting in late August you can even do Camp Thailand after something like AmeriCamp for the ultimate ‘Camp’ Year!

You only have one life to live, right? Nobody remembers the times you stayed at home. So get out of Europe and head to the East! Get out of your comfort zone! Get to Camp Thailand!

If you would like to register your interest for Camp Thailand then please click here!

Camp Cambodia

Are you ready to embark on the summer experience of a lifetime?

Come and discover the adventure of Camp Cambodia!

Why Camp Cambodia?

Known as ‘the Land of Smiles’ Cambodia is famous for its happy, kind and heart-warming people. We have so many fun activities lined up for you to enjoy; one of Camp Cambodia’s main draws is the chance to visit Angkor Wat, the Unesco World Heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World – this is one of the largest religious sites in the world and is truly magnificent. You will also get to experience an ancient way of life by visiting the floating villages by boat on Tonle Sap Lake. Don’t forget a visit to see the local monks, lotus flower farms, night markets, a silk village, majestic waterfalls and the historical site of the Killing Fields.

It’s not just sightseeing which is a major draw, though. Cambodian cuisine is definitely not to be missed, so be sure to indulge in the local food and nightlife whilst you’re there! As well as this, Siem Reap is popular for the infamous ‘Pub Street’, where you will get to enjoy the best bars and clubs in Cambodia.

Make a difference with Camp Cambodia

We’ll be visiting school after school, helping as many children as possible. Our summer camps provide free language classes, visiting primary schools, high schools and orphanages. We engage each child by making everything fun and interactive, using games, activities, songs and sports. This can really make a difference to each child, as a lot of their future employment opportunities will be within tourism.

You will also have the chance to get up close and personal with Cambodia’s elephants, with a visit to the local elephant village! Unfortunately, much of the vegetation in areas surrounding Siem Reap has been destroyed, which as a result is affecting the lives of many of Cambodia’s elephants. We will be helping in every way possible to protect and conserve these beautiful creatures.


Camp Vietnam

Fancy spending 3 weeks in the North of Vietnam?

Overflowing with beautiful landmarks, culture and history Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for backpackers.

At Camp Vietnam you will be immersed in adventure, culture and truly experience how the Vietnamese live on a day-to-day basis.
Experience a 2 day festival at Ba Vi National Park, renowned for its 3 peak mountain, and where you will take part in some traditional Vietnamese activities such as Vietnamese fishing and a visit to rice paddy fields.

You will volunteer in Sapa, a beautiful town in North West Vietnam famous for breathtaking views and authentic Vietnamese homestays. Spend time in Hanoi the capital of the North, bursting at the seams with culture and mouthwatering street food, such as Pho or Banh Mi. Finally, stay for one night at an island nestled in the UNESCO world heritage site – Ha Long Bay. Expect jade green waters and jaw-dropping views whilst exploring this famous bay, all whilst in a kayak!

The volunteering aspect of Camp Vietnam will consist of teaching English to Vietnamese children in Hanoi and Sapa. This is a perfect opportunity to give something back to the community and truly make a difference to the lives of Vietnamese people. Through activities, songs and games you will teach the children basic English which could help them get a job in the future, showing that the work you will do can really go a long way!

Fancy getting involved? Head over to our website and send us an application here.

Camp Maldives

Have you always dreamed of visiting the Maldives?

Renowned for its white sand beaches and tranquil turquoise seas, it quite possible that there couldn’t be a more idyllic location to have this cultural experience!

At Camp Maldives you will spend 3 weeks on a remote island running workshops with the community and getting involved with island conservation. Whether you’re looking for a summer break or to escape the winter blues, Camp Maldives is for you with dates all year round! Tempted? Go on, keep on reading…

At Camp Maldives you will get the chance to really give back to the community, through both cultural workshops and Environmental Conservation. You will run cultural workshops, including games and activities at local schools, whilst getting involved with mangrove reforestation and beach cleaning. So, not only will you get to give back to the people of Hoadedhoo (where you will be based) you get to improve the island as well!

On top of that, you will experience a range of incredible activities. Learn to surf, embark on a night fishing trip, snorkel the clearest waters and so much more, and where better to do it than the Maldives. If that isn’t enough, we will take you to a private island for a beach party – the perfect island retreat! How does that all sound?

If you wanted to get some more information send us an application here so a member of our team can get in contact, or alternatively if you have any questions feel free to email us at info@campmaldives.com

Camp South Africa

Always wanted to volunteer in South Africa?

Always dreamed of experiencing a Safari?

Look no further…

Camp South Africa is a volunteer programme offering the incredible opportunity to really make a difference in disadvantaged communities through coaching sports or teaching a range of different subjects to children in schools in South Africa.

Sport as a normal part of the school week may be something that we take for granted here in the UK, but is not a normality for these children. By bringing sport to schools in South Africa, not only does it give these children a break from the monotony of the classroom and a chance to freely enjoy themselves within a safe environment, but it encourages their confidence to grow and teaches them skills that open brand new doors to opportunity in their further education.

Here at Camp South Africa we want to support the movement to help make sport a normal part of every child’s curriculum, no matter what type of school they attend or their geographical location. There is no greater feeling than seeing one of the children you have been coaching getting selected for a scholarship at a high level secondary school thanks to your support.; you really can go home knowing you have truly made a difference in a child’s life.

What Does It Involve?

We offer applicants the chance to join us in this incredible country and coach sports. Applicants will be working in schools from Monday to Friday, coaching, organising tournaments, and even teaching children how to play in teams and get everyone involved in the game. Applicants play a direct role in helping a child be selected for the Junior School of Excellence programme, which is run entirely by the amazing partner charity we support down in Port Elizabeth. You can even bring your own equipment from home; anything that you think will make these sessions even more enjoyable.

Not too sporty? We always need volunteers to help teach English and Maths in the schools.  There is even the chance to get involved in other subjects such as Drama, Geography or any other specialist subject you have experience in, meaning you can bring even more skills and experience to the classroom!

So, if you want to do something truly inspiring that will leave an ever lasting affect on the people of South Africa in an outstanding location, then add Camp South Africa to your bucket list now – you will not regret it!

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