The Most Common Questions

Applicants for the Camp Vietnam and Cambodia programme are responsible for booking flights.

We have an amazing in-house flights team at HQ devoted to helping you find the best very offers for your trip!

To speak with a member of the team, call +441613123459 or email flights@invasion.com

You should fly into Noi Bai International Airport in Vietnam for your arrival (HAN).

You will then need to depart from Siem Reap in Cambodia (REP).

Vietnamese Dong. £1 = 28,000 VND

USD: £1 + = $1.34

Yes, your accommodation will have wifi and most bars and restaurants have it. It’s not always the best connection so if you want reliable wifi we suggest you bring an old unlocked phone so you can get a sim card.

A few people do travel with friends. However, most people who do our programs come alone. You will 100% make lots of friends so either option is fine!

This is a difficult and a common FAQ as it changes from person to person, depending upon your specific budget. Vietnam and Cambodia are very cheap countries and remember, there’s a lot included already on the program that you don’t have to pay for. For advice on what to bring please contact the office.

There are some essential vaccinations that everyone should have before they come to Camp Vietnam and Cambodia. These will generally be free under the NHS. There are other vaccinations you can get and you should also be up to date with all your routine jabs. We recommend booking and appointment with your GP at least 6 weeks before your departure as they will be able to give you their professional opinion.

This is a very common question. The choice is yours however we would always suggest a backpack as it makes movement and traveling a lot easier.

Passport: Your passport will be needed in full and valid for at least 6 months after the date of your planned departure. Failure to do so may result in being not permitted entry into Vietnam or Cambodia. Please contact a member of the team for Visa information. Please note: If you are from outside the UK or do not hold a British passport, your visa entry rules may be different. It is down to your discretion to make all necessary visa arrangements.

If you have not yet secured your spot with a deposit then we can defer your acceptance offer up to 2 years.

After you have secured your place on the program we advise getting travel insurance to cover any unexpected events resulting in not being able to attend camp.

With our flexible booking policy we can move your trip date up to 2 years from your original departure date, we can even change your Camp location if you fancy.If you did not wish to defer your place you can check out our T&C’s for all the applicable cancellation charges HERE!

We recommend everyone to take out their own personal health care travel insurance for the duration of their travels. You can do this through our flight partners or through any other travel insurance provider.

DBS check – As you will be working with children at Camp Vietnam and Cambodia it is company policy that we conduct our criminal background check at a fee of £52.86. If you are not from the UK then you will need to obtain your countries equivalent and send us a copy via email. If you have any questions regarding this, please call us on 01612223780 or email us at info@camp.co.uk

Vietnam and Cambodia are tropical countries, meaning it can often be very hot and humid. It’s also not uncommon to experience heavy rains in certain seasons.

As the Camp Vietnam and Cambodia Combo has a very active itinerary, we suggest bringing a pair of sturdy shoes and a few changes of all-weather clothes that will be suitable in humid climates.

We will be sending a full packing list to everyone a couple of months before departure with a much more detailed list of what we think are the essentials.

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